TechCraft update!

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TechCraft update!

Post  Colm on 4th February 2013, 1:12 pm

Hello, I haven't done a proper update to TC for a few months. I'm sorry for my overall inactivity as well.

Anyway, I've got a nice update here!

NewUser + gets 2 new commands: /recipe itemid/name (This will give you the recipe for that item, available on all worlds) and
/played (Tells you your playtime)

Website + gets a new command and loses a command: Gains /head spawn (Spawns your own head in main and creative)
loses /superjump

Global-Mod + gets a new command and loses a command: Gains /kittycannon (Works in main and creative, it was Cian's idea)
loses /jesus

Overall, you gain 2 commands, get 4 new commands and lose 2 old commands.

I've updated the item csv with all the new items that have been added since 1.3.

Removed godpowers plugin simply no need of it.

Fixed plenty of bugs and updated to latest bukkit RB.

Some small optimisations have been made as well, I can't do an update without those.

More commands will be added soon as I have a few more I want to add.


Fixed Trap doors not having any private protection when privated.
Added Anvils to the private protection list.


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