TechCraft NOW 1.4.2! (Update 4 31th Oct.)

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TechCraft NOW 1.4.2! (Update 4 31th Oct.)

Post  Colm on 28th October 2012, 1:21 pm

TechCraft is now on 1.4.2!

Hello. Firstly, I'm sorry about disappearing for 2 days and probably more days to come, I've had a few issues. So, 1.4.2 will be a bit delayed but I will work on it when I have time.

Hopefully things should be sorted soon!

Update: About 45 - 60% to go. I'm currently testing my stuff. If I do beat bukkit to recommended builds and I deem one of the dev builds stable enough, I will update.

Update 2: After about 2 hours of testing, I've found a few bugs. It shouldn't be hard to fix 2 of them and hopefully it shouldn't be hard to fix any of them. At this rate, I'll beat bukkit, there's currently a few bukkit bugs that are stopping me from updating TC, most of which are, memory leaks, can't build certain items and a user can easily crash the server. Once those are fixed, I will update if there isn't any other bugs that I don't like.

Update 3: Seems as I've fixed bukkit issues by adding some patches in "TechCraftStuff". If all goes well, expect an early update by tomorrow or the 1st of November.

Update 4: I've done most of the work now, pretty much 95% done but no more major bugs so TechCraft is now on 1.4.2!


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