Banning, Generality.

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Banning, Generality.

Post  Convictohell on 4th July 2012, 10:40 am

This is mainly a staff proposal.
however it could be handy to know in case you ever become staff Smile

While banning someone, i propose that we should make it a sort of recomendation that you type
/Ban Convictohell <for, example, greifing, staff abuse etc, a simple one word explanation of their crime Smile> <in world, EG Legit, Create, Mojoloco> <date>

This would keep it organised more to the point that, even though colm likely already has everything organised, searching through banned persons info, it would display the date, the person and the crime, the world is irrelivant, it's just easier to know right? Smile

When i ban, i simply type /ban Convictohell.
i don't give a reason, though a should.
but then, my last ban was the person who griefed Børre's house.
i forget his name.

Con out.

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