How To Make A Town

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How To Make A Town

Post  Colm on 12th September 2011, 8:20 pm

The Town Game We Made Up For The Server:

On The Main World you can make a town, but make sure you are really far from the flat land, or on the flat land, you can appeal with your friends. Owner of the town gets a name plate of the town.

Town Requirements:
An Owner: only 1 (You can have Co Owners)
4 - 6 houses:
Town Walls: (Optional) If you are on the flat land, then you will "NEED" town walls
Town Rules:
Town info: (Optional)
3 or more people living in the town:
Effort has to be put in to the town: This will be judged by Admins and up
1 or more Civic Building: e.g. shop, pub, church, temple, library etc...
1 Town Hall:
Warp station:

Question: I wan't to make another town, but i have this town how do i change.
[Owner] Colm_Overy: Well if you don't wan't to be owner of your town, then tell me and you have to either delete the town or give it to someone else or you can keep it.

[Owner] Colm_Overy: You don't have to delete the town buildings at least, i would recommend giving it someone though.

if you have all these requirements you can appeal, (ask the owner) if you get accepted then a town warp will be made and a warp sign will be made at spawn.


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