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Post  Colm on 15th August 2011, 7:55 pm

how to obtain this rank. You must be Basic-Mod to get this rank. You have been a good and well trusted Basic-Mod and we thought it was time for you to have a promotion.

Anti Greif:
/i 7 (This will give your bed rock. If you left click it will give you the stats of that block who placed/destroyed etc.. If you right click a block it will acct like you placed the block but instead it gives you the ids of the block that was next to/on top-of that block. This also works in the legit world, '/i 7' and '/i bedrock' are the only ones it'll allow you to spawn though)

/report view <index> (Index is the number of the report)
/report list
/respond <Index> (Optional <sender/reported>)
/report help
/respond help

/god (To un-god your self just do /god again)
/freeze <playername> (do /freeze <playername> to unfreeze him)
/i <item id> <how many>
/tphere <username>
/time (Tells you the current time)
/invsee <username> (Lets you view the player inventory but not edit it)
/mute <player> (do /mute <username> to unmute someone again)
/repair (Repair an item in your hand)

You can use/place all of the banned items

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