NewUser/User/Member CMD's

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NewUser/User/Member CMD's

Post  Colm on 15th August 2011, 7:50 pm

how to obtain this rank: By joining the server

NewUser CMD’s:

Please use report it helps us out.
/report <player> <details> - Report a player with the details of their offence. Spaces work. (Do not spam us with reports or you may get kicked or have a warning)
/report * <details> - If you don't know their username you use the '*'.

Note: You have to own the region to add members, ask a Super-Mod and up to protect a region for you, ask an Admin and up to make you owner of the region, then you can use these commands.
/region addmember <regionname> <username>
/region removemember <regionname> <username>
/region list (Only lists your regions in the current world you're in) (+ = you're the owner of the region) (- = You're a member of the region)

/help (Gives you the command help menu)
/played (Tells you your playtime, a lot more accurate than the login one)
/spawn (Teleports you to the worlds spawn)
/back (Puts you in your last location)
/recipe id/name (Tells you the recipe. Works in all worlds)

Private message:
/msg <player> <your text>

/afk (this will do it automatically within 5 minutes but it will kick you in 30 minutes of being afk)
/tmz (Do this when you come on this site when your on the server. Do /tmz to say your are no longer on tmz)

/home - Teleport you to your default home location, or list your homes (Max homes: 60)
/home <name> - Teleport to a named home location
/sethome - Set your default home location
/sethome <name> - Set a named home location

Signs Commands:
Place a sign in front of chest or door and put [private]
If you want your friends to look in as well put there username underneath yours.
If you want to allow more people to access a privated object and your sign is full, make another sign with [More Users]
The objects you can private are: Wooden Doors, Iron Doors, Trap Doors, Chests, Furnace, Dispenser, Enchanting Table, Juke Box, Beacon and Anvils.

/mail (just do that cmd and it will teach you)


User CMD's: How to obtain finished the spawn and added in the code

/warp (tells you warps)
/warp <warpname>

Member CMD's: Been on the server for 5 hours

Edit Your Signs:
Colour Codes:

&0 Black
&1 Dark Blue
&2 Dark Green
&3 Teal
&4 Dark Red
&5 Purple
&6 Gold/Orange
&7 Gray
&8 Dark Gray
&9 Blue
&a Bright Green
&b Aqua
&c Red
&d Pink
&e Yellow
&f White

Sign text edits:
&k Random (This will keep on changing the text)
&l Bold
&m Strike
&n Underlined
&o Italics
&r Reset

My Sign:
&3Welcome to

any problems please make a new topic or contact me thank you.


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